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EFD Induction (Norway)

EFD Induction (Norway)

Dear Irina,

On behalf of “EFD Induction a.s.”, I would like thank you and your company for the successful cooperation in the past year.

May I hope that our joint cooperation will be continued in future as we are very pleased with the quality of service your company has provided.

We have been recommending your company services to our partners and clients and are looking forward to doing business with you.

Sincerely yours,
Dmitry Esin,
Head of Branch 


Saint-Petersburg Branch of the Limited Company EFD Induction (Norway).

EFD Induction a.s. Prednisone

Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe (Germany)

Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe (Germany)

Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe (Germany)

a division of Panasonic Industrial Europe GmbH

Winsbergring 15 · D-22525 Hamburg

Dear Irina,

With our full respect we would like to thank your Company Promotest for

strong and very efficient support while obtaining GOST R Certification for our

industrial products to fulfill domestic Russian market requirements.

We will be glad to cooperate with you in the future to bring our

Customers top quality services.

St.Petersburg Representative Office

194044, Bol. Sampsonievsky pr., 32, of. 2B 305

St.Petersburg, Russia

Timothy Nepomnjachy / 05.Dec.2011 /



Buongiorno Irina,

Vorrei ringraziare Lei e tutto il Mostest per la gentile collaborazione con grande professionalita e tempestivita nell’assisterci ad ottenere la certificazione Prodotti e relativo certificato Gost R che ci consentira di potere promuovere i nostri prodotti di protezione respiratoria sul territorio Russo.

In fine un pensiero particolare rivolto a Lei che si e dimostrata particolarmente disponibile nelle varie ed esaurienti corrispondenze e trovando anche il tempo di recarsi a Mosca per incontrarmi a l’occasione di un mio viaggio di lavoro.

Qualunque ulteriore necessita di certificazione o simile, non mancheremo di interpellarvi di nuovo e faremo il Vostro nome al Cermac ( Consorzio Export Macchine per Agricoltura e Zootecnia) al quale apparteniamo come Istituto di riferimento in Russia per le certificazioni prodotti.

Cordiali saluti.
Emmanuelle Monneron
M&S manager

I would like to thank you and Mostest for the kind collaboration, professionalism and timing in assisting us to obtain the Product certification and relative Gost R certificate; we will be now in a position to promote our safety respiratory products on the Russian territory.

Last, a special thought to you who has been extremely gentle and exhaustive during our correspondence, also eager to come from St. Petersburg to Moscow to meet me during a business trip there.

Any other certification or similar requirement, we will contact you again and in the meantime we will make your name to our Cermac( Export Consortium of Agricultural and Zootechnical Machinery)as being an Institute of reference in Russia for Product certification.

Kind regards.
Emmanuelle Monneron
M&S manager Yasmin