Hygienic certificate

Sanitary epidemiologic conclusion

Sanitary epidemic conclusion (SEC) for production – is a document, which is given by agencies of Federal Service of supervision and control in the sphere of consumerism (protection of consumers’ rights and people’s prosperity) (Rospotrebnadzor) and which ascertains correspondence of production to sanitary epidemiologic rules and norms.

Sanitary hygienic expertise precedes mandatory certification GOST R, number and date of a conclusion of SEZ is noticed in certificate GOST R. In other words, for most of products it is impossible to form conformance certificate without receiving hygienic certificate.

Sanitary epidemiologic conclusion is given for a period of 5 years.

Sanitary epidemiologic conclusion (hygienic certificate, hygienic conclusion) – is obligatory for legal selling of goods on Russian market; this certificate is wanted everywhere by custom agencies.

The following types of products subject to sanitary epidemiologic expertise:

  • – foodstuff;
  • – goods for children;
  • – equipments and materials for preparing and cleaning air;
  • – means of individual protection;
  • – building base materials;
  • – clothes and footwear;
  • – devices contacting with drinking water and foodstuff;
  • – perfume and cosmetics;
  • – products for oral hygiene;
  • – household appliances;
  • – building polymer materials and synthetics;
  • – publishing production;
  • – tobacco

and others.