Certificate of origin


Certificate of origin

The main purpose of receiving a certificate of origin is getting custom preferences in import and export operations. Certificate of origin is passed from forwarder of goods to receiver (importer) for decreasing custom payments while getting custom clearance in country of destination.

Certificate of origin is a document, in which a country of origin is written. Certificate of origin is necessary in almost all import and export operations.

Certificates of origin are:

  • Certificate of origin of form ST-1 (export to the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)). It is a document signed by empowered body and ascertaining that production was produced or was under elaboration in country – the member of Treaty of establishing a zone of free trade of April, 15, 1994.

Certificate of origin is made for every separate delivery and is given to custom agencies when importing goods to the country – one of the members of the Treaty for confirmation a country of origin. Duration of the certificate of ST-1 form is 12 months from the day of issuing. Certificate of origin ST-1 is made for trade between the following countries: Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic of Tadgikistan, the Ukraine, and Republic of Uzbekistan.

Goods, which have certificates of origin ST-1, have benefits in custom clearance.

  • Certificate of origin of A form (export to the countries of EU and other countries with tariff and non-tariff means of regulation of goods import)
    This is a document, elaborated and confirmed in 1968 by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), adopted by countries at the realization of General System of Preferences (GSP), which enables totally or partly be free of import tax payment in the country-importer in case of goods export from developing countries.
  • Certificate of origin of general form
    Is given for goods, exporting to all countries, excluded countries of the CIS, if the certificates of A form (General System of Preferences) or other kinds of certificates are not of necessity. While ascertaining certificates Declarant must present act of expert examination, made by expert organization (department) of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Certificates of origin of general form are made in English and Russian.

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