Documents for export to Russia


Documents for export to Russia

 The Law “Of Protection of Consumers” Rights, acting in Russia, makes demands not only produced in the country production: all imported goods must also conform to established legal standards of quality and safety. For this reason, imported to Russia goods produced outside the country, are also subject to a certification procedure (conformity established by Russian legislation of safety and quality).

The objective of certification for the import of products in Russia:

• Confirmation of environmental cleanliness;

• Confirmation of security products;

• Confirmation of the functional properties of the products imported into Russia;

• Provision of import to Russia only those applicable standards of goods.

Conformity and customs declaration – two main documentary reasons for permission to import goods into the customs territory of the Russian Federation. In this case, the certificate must be issued by an exclusively Russian certification authority. In order to implement all of these requirements to imported products in the Russian certification is carried out by its special customs terminals.

At customs terminals placed only accredited certification centers issuing all kinds of certificates that may be required: certificates and declarations TR CU, certificates of origin, phytosanitary certificates, etc. 

The order of certification of imported products in Russia

In general, the procedure of obtaining any permit document is no different from the certification procedures carried out in the country for the goods produced by Russian manufacturers:

• First, apply for the certification, the certification center considers it and chooses the certification scheme;

• Next selected product samples for examination of quality and safety, compliance with Russian legislation;

• Then, the resulting examination of the data analyzed, the decision to issue the certificate;

• The certificate is issued to the applicant, further inspection control is certified products. 

What products should be certified before importation into Russia? 

To learn what import products need to obtain certificates, declarations and other permits, without which the sale of goods is prohibited in the Russian Federation, is necessary to the regulations in force in this area. First of all, it is under Government Resolution No. 982, which are lists of products whose conformity is confirmed to the form of certification of conformity and product conformity is confirmed by the declaration of conformity. 

Other regulations, which are subject to monitoring compliance with the objects:

• The technical regulations of the Customs Union or the Russian Federation;

• Technical specifications (TS), etc.

For some types of manufactured products outside Russia should receive phytosanitary, veterinary, environmental certificates.

To find out which products must be certified before import to Russia, you should contact your certification centers. 

The reciprocal acceptance of certificates

It is also important that the certification authorities issuing certificates for the importation of products into the country at customs terminals can recognize foreign certificates, including copies certified by a notary (as well as the authority which issued the certificate and the Russian consulate). Recognition of certificates issued by foreign companies is the case, if the importer has documents proving that the goods are corresponding to the State Standard of Russia, the international (regional) standards of international (regional) certification, which includes Russia. Also, the base may be bilateral or multilateral agreements on mutual recognition of test results, in which one of the participants is Russia.