UkrCEPRO certificate

UkrCEPRO certificate

This document plays a similar role in Ukraine that in Russia the national standards GOST R do. Some of the currently valid standards in this country it is the Soviet Union standards, adapted to the requirements of today. The other developed independently. All new standards in Ukraine are adapted to the requirements of international law relating of certification issues in phase of development and agreement, and marked for subsequent registration with abbreviation DSTU.

Certification matters in Ukraine are official jurisdiction of State Consumer Standard, which is endowed with powers similar to the Russian State Standard. In this organization all applicable certification bodies are accredited in Ukraine. In most cases, the absence of a certificate UkrCEPRO makes it impossible to implement the imported goods in the territory of the state. Due to the specifics of Ukrainian legislation, which only considers the document as necessary and sufficient proof of compliance with the product characteristics, the requirements of national regulations governing safety.

The main difference between a certificate of Ukraine and international (ISO) is the subject of certification. UkrCEPRO assesses the quality of the product itself, and ISO – the quality of its production. Today we can arrange obligatory and voluntary UkrCEPRO certificate. Obligatory certificate required for products that are included in respective lists (analogue to our Resolution 982). In Ukraine, a similar list State Consumer Standard approved in its order number 28, dated 01.02.05. By analogy with the lists of resolutions 982, these are also reviewed regularly. The current version can be found here: http://www.dssu/ Voluntarily UkrCEPRO certificate is need if: • It requires the presence of the recipient; • If the exporter or supplier interested in enhancing the competitiveness of goods in the domestic market of Ukraine.

Compulsory registration of the document required for a very limited list of goods and solely in terms of characterizing the security of the latter. Currently there is an opportunity to formally legalize the certificate received in Russia with Ukrainian certification system. Such recognition can be issued a document called “Certificate of Recognition”. This was possible due to the entry into force of the documents on these issues adopted in the framework of EurAsEC.

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers (CMU) of Ukraine № 1211 04.11.97 was approved document regulating the procedure for obtaining a certificate UkrCEPRO. It is national standard DSTU 3413-96. it is there are diagrams that are allowed to use in the implementation of the certification tests:

• Parts of production – valid until completion of delivery;

• Piece goods – until the expiry date of the product;

• Standard output (parallel production test);

• Standard output (parallel production attestation).

Validity of the certificate DSTU decorated for products manufactured serially dependent on the chosen scheme of certification and composed:

• One year – if the certificate is issued on the test results provided samples corresponding to the set of documentation and certification ISO9000 ( if any);

• Two years – if the certificate is issued based on the results of the audit carried out by the Commission OS Katz. Model test carried out only in Kiev. Sami samples are taken by inspector;

• Five years – only on the results obtained during the due diligence carried out by accredited by UkrCEPRO body, during which tested in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 9000.

Company which has such a certificate is checked annually routinely. There is another option of certification in Ukraine, which allows for the issuance of a certificate DSTU. In this case, the decision to issue a document made ​​on the basis of documents provided by the applicant and without audit (for example, for new products) and without inspections. Certification body in this case requires the provision of an extended set of documents on which based an objective picture of the functioning of the company QMS.

All UkrCEPRO certificates have holographic protection. The procedure for delivery of goods to Ukraine, if certificate DSTU is executed, approved by Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers for number 446, dated 14.05.08 . The list of products to which the provisions of this decree, approved by the CMU. Another certification document, which must be filled in goods supplied to Ukraine (a lot of them), this SEZ, which gives the Ministry of (MHU) Health of Ukraine.

There is a wide range of products, for which simultaneously with DSTU can voluntarily issue an expert opinion confirming product compliance DNAOP (state standards, which in Ukraine is regulated by Occupational Health), received the above conclusion and mandatory certificate manufacturer (supplier) is entitled to issue permission Gospromgornadzor. Only this document gives the right to sell products in Ukraine.

Legislation of Ukraine entered another list of products, processing UkrCEPRO certificate which requires the provision of appropriate additional expert opinion of the state agency responsible for the goods special control (certificate of explosion-proof, flameproof, hygienic certificates, etc.). Voluntary certification in Ukraine has no statutory procedures for and conducted on the basis of bilateral agreements (Certification Authority/customer). Last independently decides on what parameters and how to meet the standards it will be held. Questions QMS certifications in Ukraine are regulated by standard DSTU 3419-96.