The declaration of conformity GOST R

The declaration of conformity GOST R

If any products are found in the 982nd Resolution of the Russian Federation Government as requiring mandatory conformity in the form of a declaration (the products are listed in the List of products subject to declaration in the specified judgment), it means that these products must obtain a declaration of conformity GOST R.

Declaration of Conformity GOST R – an official document confirming the conformity of production standards and requirements for safety and quality specified in the State Standard (GOST), the effect of which it is dilated.

Get a declaration of conformity is possible only after it passes the procedure of declaration of conformity.

Declaration of conformity of an object – a procedure by which establishes whether the characteristics of the object are corresponding to the requirements of State Standards acting in respect of it.

In fact, the declaration of conformity – it is the same as the certification, both procedures are intended to examine the fact that the facility meets all requirements decreed against him legally, but between these concepts, yet there is a difference. The difference lies in the fact that the declaration of the entire responsibility of the quality of the object that has been registered and is framed declaration rests solely on the applicant (who may be the manufacturer, importer, dealer, etc.). For certification the responsibility rests on the applicant and the center of the certification, apply for a certificate.

The Centers for certification – is a company engaged in the preparation and issuance of certificates and other approvals necessary for the implementation of an object in Russia. Any certification center should have a formal accreditation (permission) for the provision of such services. 

Features and design stages of the declaration of conformity GOST R

As already noted, the difference between the declaration and certification in the GOST R system is only in varying degrees of responsibility of the applicant. In the first case, it is assumed on the applicant, in the second – on the applicant and CertificationCenter. But there are important nuance, deciphering this feature: the declaration form for the declaration of the data makes the applicant, and in certificate form – Center for certification, therefore this distribution of responsibility.

Procedure of declaration of conformity GOST R can be almost identical to the procedure of certification in the GOST R: the applicant shall provide the Centre for certification necessary documents and samples of products, the center conducts an analysis of documents and orders the examination of samples in independent research laboratories, laboratory examination results constitute the protocol on the basis of which center on certification of the decision to issuance/non-issuance the declaration. However, it should be noted that this is the only course of action in the event that the applicant wished to register a declaration by evidence obtained from a third part.

The applicant can fill in the declaration itself and test products, if it has all the necessary resources. In this case the center of the certification only registers the declaration.