Fire declaration

Declaration of fire safety

One of the control structures in the Russian Federation is the MOE. In our state confirm the compliance with the fire safety requirements for many products is a must. The whole procedure of conformity of goods in the MOE is based on a TR number 123, which was enacted in 2008. This legal document defines the form of control and its necessity.

Some of the products produced on the territory of the country and abroad, are subject to certification of MOE. But there are products for the manufacture and sale of which it is mandatory to design fire declaration. Products that are included in the 2nd part of the list of goods approved by the RF Government № 140 “On Amendments to the RF Government № 241 from 17.03.2009,” subject to receipt of such document, as fire declaration.

Issuing permits, which can confirm the compliance of the products to all existing fire regulations, can only certification bodies that are accredited in the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Fire declaration or certificate of fire security it is necessary to issue before receiving the goods certification documents in the GOST R certification or technical regulations.

To issue such a document as fire declaration, should be taken as a basis for information about the safety and quality of products provided directly by the seller or manufacturer of the goods. Specialists from the certification body inspect and review the information in special laboratories. With those studies tested indicators such as:

• The degree of flammability and smoke generation; • The degree of flammability; • The toxicity of combustion products; • The speed of propagation of the flame; • Resistant to high temperatures.

Only when all of the features from the norms CA certified fire declaration. Subsequently fire declaration must be registered with the Ministry of Emergency Situations. If the applicant wishes, in addition to the mandatory declaration of the fire can be passed and the procedure is voluntary fire certification. Due to fire safety certificate, even if voluntary, products can get more competitive.

Declaration of Fire has a limited duration. After it expires you must re-take control of the whole procedure. Otherwise, goods can be removed from the trade.