Products subject to certification

Products subject to certification

In Russia proper quality of goods, services and works, as well as objects such as quality management system and staff confirmed by the procedure of certification. That certification allows for the law “On Protection of Consumers” Rights, providing the right of consumers to buy only safe and quality products.

Certification – this is a test facility for compliance with standards of quality and safety requirements to the object by Russian law.

As a result of certification is issued an authenticated document – a certificate of compliance or quality, or a declaration of conformity, if certification for this facility should be carried out according to the regulations in the form of declaration of conformity. Another type of document that can be issued – a voluntary certificate of quality, but it does not necessarily drawn, and it is on a voluntary basis at the initiative of the applicant. 

What products need to issue a mandatory certificate and what – a voluntary certificate? 

First of all, the obligatory certification in Russia is subject to the objects and products, which depends on the health and safety of people: mining equipment, power distribution units, wiring accessories, electrical, household, cultural and economic, etc.

See the entire list of products to which you need to receive the certificate of conformity may be required in the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation under the number 982. This document also contains the products that you need to certify on mandatory basis in the form of declaration of conformity.

Any products that not specified in the Resolution number 982 can execute voluntary compliance certificates. In addition, the issue of such a certificate can be on these items in this list. This is done by manufacturers and sellers of goods in order to further emphasize the quality, safety, and maybe also some unique features and characteristics that distinguish the product from other similar products.

Certification of foreign products

In according with Russian legislation, subject to certification not only products made in Russia, but also foreign imported goods. It also allows us to implement the Law “On Protection of Consumers” Rights.

Terms and stages of certification of foreign products are no different from the confirmation of Russian product. But it is important that the applicant can only be registered in the Russian legal entity or individual. Foreign producers in this regard must be found for the certification of Representatives – residents of Russia. Typically, such representatives are importers or sellers of foreign products.

When importing is not subject to compulsory certification in the Russian declaration or the customs authorities require the production present a certificate of state registration (also referred to as its registration certificate). For which products this document is necessary, you can learn by watching the Single List subject to sanitary-epidemiological control products (approved by the CCC 28/05/2010).