Fire safety certificate

Fire Safety Certificate

One of the most necessary certificates for manufacturers and importers is a fire safety certificate.

That is a document, which confirms, that production corresponds to the preventive fire-fighting regulations. This certificate is to be got by producer or importer to affirm that goods or services correspond to the fire safety requirements. If production (services) are included in the list of goods (services) subject to mandatory certification of fire safety, so it is impossible to receive conformance certificate GOST R before getting fire safety certificate itself.

Fire safety certificate is an essential part of conformance certificate, i.e. that item or service, which must get fire safety certificate can’t be certified according to GOST R until an appropriate fire safety certificate isn’t represented.

The list of products, requiring obligatory certification in the sphere of fire-safety may be found in Decret MChS (Ministry of emergencies) №320 of 08.07.2002. This list includes fire – fighting implements, decorating and covering material, construction equipment, electric devices and heat generating mechanisms

The process of receiving fire safety certificate for a domestic products and goods produced abroad is conducted in accordance with the same rules. Moreover for importing production subject to mandatory certification, fire safety certificate is obligatory and is given to the custom services together with the other necessary documents.