Ozone Conclusion

Ozone Conclusion

In the world there are those substances which are hazardous to the ozone layer. For import into and export of such substances outside the Russian state you must issue such a document as the ozone conclusion. Such control over the movement of ozone-depleting substances is necessary in order to preserve the ozone layer of our planet, because it affects the life on Earth.

In 1996, the Government adopted a decree which regulates the transportation through the customs border of various substances, as well as products, within which there is ODS (ozone depleting substances) that can have a devastating impact on the ozone layer of the Earth.

Making Ozone conclusion is required for:
Air conditioners for vehicles;
Domestic and commercial refrigerators
Freezers, coolers, ice generators;
Fire extinguishers;
Aerosol products (exception – medical products);
Heat pumps and cooling water unit;
Split-system air conditioners, domestic and commercial dehumidifiers.

Finally, ozone conclusion can be of two types:

Permission for use of ozone depleting substances (ODS);
Permission for import of ozone depleting substances (ODS).

Making Ozone conclusion can be done by Rostekhnadzor. In order to at industrial facilities could use certain types of technical devices or equipment, you must obtain Ozone conclusion for the use of ODS.

As for permission to import ODS, it is submitted to the customs authorities of Russia. This document is a certificate that a particular ODS-containing products may be legally imported into Russia.

To obtain such a document as the ozone conclusion finally, you must first obtain an expert opinion on the properties of the ODS, which are present in the claimed device or equipment. A similar conclusion can be obtained in the laboratory on ozone-depleting properties, accredited to conduct such tests.

Make a conclusion can be on the party specified in the contract and for a period of 1 year.