Certificate of Conformity TR CU

Certificate of Conformity TR CU

The products (services, equipment, etc.), which are effected by any of the technical regulations of the Customs Union (abbreviation – TR CU) must necessarily undergo verification (certification) compliance with these regulations standards of quality and safety. As a result of this certification the products are given the certificate of conformity TR CU.

Thus, the certificate of conformity TR CU – it is a document of an official nature, which confirms that an object meets an applicable quality requirements and safety requirements established by this or that technical regulations of the Customs Union.

TR CU certificate is valid throughout the territory of the Customs Union, that is, in three countries: the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus, unlike, for example, a certificate TR Russia, which operates only in Russia. If an object falls within the scope of any TR CU, it is necessary to obtain a certificate TR CU mandatory. Without an appropriate certificate production, operation, implementation of such products on the territory of the Customs Union is banned and illegal. 

What kinds of products are need to be certified TR TC? 

To find out whether you must obtain a certificate TR CU for a particular object, you need to refer to the current technical regulations vehicle. Today there are dozens of such technical regulations, and variety of them are in the process of approval by the Commission of the Customs Union (abbreviation – CCU) or developing.

 The accepted and already existing TR CU:

• Safety of lifts;

• About the safety of toys;

• About the safety of packaging;

• Food products in terms of its labeling;

• Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment;

• About the safety of perfumes and cosmetics, etc.

In connection with the ongoing dynamics in this area if you have questions about the need of certification of an object the best option is to appeal to the authorities involved in the certification and issuance of certificates – centers of certification. 

Stages and features of the certification of conformity TR CU 

As certification in any other system (GOST, TR RF, etc.), this kind of conformity in the vehicle technical regulations in stages.

First, the manufacturer or seller of the goods fill the application and submit it to the Center of certification. Then the applicant is informed what documents they need to provide for the certification (the list may vary depending on a number of factors, usually it always includes the BIN, INN, charter and founding documents of the applicant company, certification documents that have been received). The applicant collects and provides data documents along with samples of the certified facility.

NextCertificationCenter checks the documents and examine the samples provided by the applicant in independent research laboratories. Based on the results of the examination they decide about issuance/non-issuance of the certificate TR CU.

Certificate of Conformity TR CU may be issued for a period of 5 years with serial supply (production) of products, or to a specific batch of goods – it depends on the certification scheme (it defines the center of certification).

It is important to note that the applicant for a certificate TR CU can be a resident of any of the countries of the Customs Union. If the certificate is required of a foreign company that is not a resident of Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan, for this company the way out is to find a representative in one of these countries, which is a resident of any of them.

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