Where and how to order

Where and how to get documents for import goods to Russia and trading

If you need certification documents of the origin of the goods, safety and hygienic certificates for passing the procedure of customs control and further selling the production in Russia, all necessary documents you can order, addressing to the center of certification or universal certificate centers. You may consult and find out about necessary certificates for import production to Russia and selling it on its territory, order any certificate for all the production during small period of time and at reasonable prices.

Certification centers in Russia works only with accredited bodies of certification, testing laboratory and other state institutions, authorized give this or the other acknowledgement documents for import and export goods of foreign production. Foreign exporter of products to the Russian Federation must: – find out whether it is required to conduct mandatory certification of the product (avowal conformity) to import production to Russia. An obligation to certify production appears if it is included to the list (according to GOST or State Custom Committee).

In practice often appear difficulties with an attribution the production to one or another paragraph of the list. In this case one should use codes OKP, TN VED. – address to special centers for additional information about the certification of importing goods.If youdoubt whether you need to get certificate or not or you don’t know which certificate exactly is for your production, you may consult with specialist in this sphere.

Advantage of universal centers of certification is that these centers give all types of certificates for any product. They provide their services fully, from elaboration your application till giving you all the authorization-based documents for goods. – apply to the certification center for beginning of the procedure of getting certificate, mentioning name of product, its producer, brief description, codes TN VED, OKP and other essential information about goods. An application is made voluntary by email by application form (see here). – provide documents and information about goods, which will need for certificating. Specialist of the center will tell about the way, conditions and terms of getting this or the other certificate, make a contract.

After calculating prices for service preparation of necessary collection of documents begins, standard and technical documents are analyzed, test examination is held: basing all of this certificate of conformity GOST R, Hygienic certificate, Fire Safety certificates are given. – get prepared certificates or tell the manager address of point of destination. Large subsidiary net, own mail and messenger service allow centers deliver finished certificates to the client.