Certificate of protection from explosion

Certificate of protection from explosion

In Russia, the equipment, which is labeled “explosion proof” (Ex product, Ex-device) must have confirmation of compliance with the requirements stipulated in the regulations. This proof is the certificate of protection from explosion.

In the Russian Federation design of such a document as a certificate of protection is a must. This procedure is regulated by the “Rules of certification of electrical equipment for hazardous areas,” which were approved in 2003 and is a unique list of goods for which registration is required by the certificate of conformity.

Since 2013 certified explosion-proof equipment will already be conducted in accordance with the requirements set out in TP TC 012/2011. On the safety equipment for working in hazardous environments.

The procedure for obtaining such a document as a certificate of protection equipment consists of several stages:

-Filing application;

-Registration of the application and its consideration;

-Identification of the equipment and devices;

-Implementation of the research;

-Examination of the documents;

-Making the results;

-Issuance of the certificate of conformity to the applicant of protection from explosion.

Flameproof Certification may include the same certification and production systems. It depends on the chosen scheme.

Making such a document as a certificate of protection by certification authorities and research centers, the appropriate accreditation.

Design certification documents is held once every 3 years. It takes effect when the TR, the certificate will be valid for 5 years.

To issue a certificate of protection, the applicant must submit a certification methodology and the program of acceptance tests, design documentation, user manual and other documents.